c1939 Siamese-Javanese style coconut-based chicken and golden raisins curry (แกงแขกยะวา ; gaaeng khaaek yawaa)

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By: Hanuman
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c1939 Chicken and Golden Raisin Curry - gaaeng khaaek yawaa - แกงแขกยะวา
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Old Bangkok was home to four distinct groups of Indonesian and Javanese Muslims, referred to interchangeably by the Siamese as khaaek yawaa. Gaaeng khaaek yawaa is a Siamese-Javanese chicken, peanut, and golden raisin curry that originated in the Yawaa market area, where the descendants of the Javanese Royal gardeners resided. It is a rich and joyful curry with a sour-sweet-salty flavor profile and fresh citrus notes.