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dry curry แกงแห้ง

c1935 “Dry Curry” with beef over coconut infused jasmine rice (แกงแห้ง ตำรับสายเยาวภา พ.ศ. 2478 ; gaaeng haaeng)

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Princess Yaovabha Bongsanid’s dry beef curry (แกงแห้ง), a meticulously prepared dish scented with sand ginger and presented with khaao bpradap (ข้าวประดับ) – a platter of mixed spice-infused rice.

c1929 Green Curry of the Sultan (แกงเขียวหวานสุลต่าน อ่ยาง หะยี ฮิบรอเฮม และ จีบ บุนนาค พ.ศ. 2472 ; gaaeng khiaao waan soola dtaan)

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Inspired by recipes from Hayee Ibrahim (c1929) and Jeeb Bunnag (c1933) – A green curry of stewed beef, okra, deep-fried potatoes, egg yolks, almonds, and raisins smoked-baked with butter and fennel seeds over charcoals…This rare and fascinating recipe for green curry appeared just three years after the first-ever written recipe for green curry appeared in Siamese culinary manuscripts in 1926, suggesting that green curries are Muslim in origin.
Thai Curries: The Professional Chef’s Guide

Thai Curries: The Professional Chef’s Guide – แกงไทย

In this unparalleled masterclass, we cover everything you need to know about cooking Thai curries creatively and authentically. This no-nonsense, comprehensive, and uncensored companion masterclass on Thai curries will transform the way you perceive and execute Thai curries, and you will experience a dramatic improvement in your skills upon completing the class. This masterclass covers Thai curries’ origins, classifications, regional varieties, curry paste composition, ingredients, spices, and color adjustments, along with essential and practical cooking techniques, and the superb flavor layering practices that master chefs use in crafting Thai curries.
c1939 Chicken and Golden Raisin Curry - gaaeng khaaek yawaa - แกงแขกยะวา

c1939 Siamese-Javanese style coconut-based chicken and golden raisins curry (แกงแขกยะวา ; gaaeng khaaek yawaa)

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Old Bangkok was home to four distinct groups of Indonesian and Javanese Muslims, referred to interchangeably by the Siamese as khaaek yawaa. Gaaeng khaaek yawaa is a Siamese-Javanese chicken, peanut, and golden raisin curry that originated in the Yawaa market area, where the descendants of the Javanese Royal gardeners resided. It is a rich and joyful curry with a sour-sweet-salty flavor profile and fresh citrus notes.
Javanese nasi rice khaao naasi prajit

c1901 Siamese seasoned mix rice Javanese style (ข้าวนาซิประจิต หรือ ข้าวประดับ ; khaao naasi prajit or khaao bpradap)

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Khaao Naasi Prajit is a Siamese adaptation of Javanese-style seasoned rice dishes. The dish is seasoned with chili relish and roasted coconut and served with various meats and vegetables as a side dish. In this masterclass, we will discuss its origins, study its appearance in the Siamese Culinary literature, and finally prepare it using Princess Jongjittanom Dissakul's recipe.
satay lue - grilled thai beef satay

Satay Lue – Grilled beef satay with thick Muslim style peanut sauce (สะเต๊ะลือ กับ น้ำจิ้มอย่างแขก ; sadteh leuu kap naam jim yaang khaaek)

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Satay Lue, (grilled beef satay skewers) is not like your average street food Satay. This recipe is a slightly modified version of the Balinese recipe from the kitchen of Princess Sai Ladawan which better suits the Siamese palate. In the Palace, there was so much chatter about the tastiness of this dish that it was nicknamed “satay lue (สะเต๊ะลือ)”, which literally translates into “the gossip satay”.
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