Tasty Beef (เนื้ออร่อย ; neuua araawy)

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By: Hanuman
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Tasty Beef White Curry
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A thick white curry with braised beef, fingerroot, fresh cucumber, mint, and lemon basil, inspired by a recipe by Princess Khruamatwimon Thongthaem (หม่อมเจ้าหญิงเครือมาศวิมล ทองแถม) (1884-1939).

This is an unusual and intriguing Siamese curry, from the house of the Thongthaem dynasty (ราชสกุล ทองแถม), featuring a thick whitish-gray sauce and glossy thin slices of beef pre-braised in coconut cream. The curry is served with crunchy fresh cucumber, cooling mint leaves, fresh fingerroot, and anise-scented lemon basil leaves.