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The laap Binder

Laap is a top dish on menus in Thai restaurants abroad. Unfortunately, laap has been diminished by oversimplified descriptions, by bland seasonings, and even by an incorrect English transcription, as “larb”. 

Laap, a dish traditionally cooked and consumed by men, is an integral part of the village social fabric, commonly served at ceremonies and celebrations, and presented to important guests. The enormous effort required to manually prepare laap for a community ceremony is orchestrated by skilled, talented individuals with years of experience.

When you complete the laap masterclass series, you’ll be fluent in cooking dishes from both the Northern and Northeastern regions of the country! The Thaifoodmaster laap masterclass covers 20 types of laap dishes, in addition to offering 10 detailed recipes. As well, this masterclass features 15 dried spices and introduces you to some 35 medicinal herbs.

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It is truly brilliant with a revolutionary approach introducing aspects and concepts never broached by cookbooks.
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