What’s coming up next…

Here is a sneak peek of what’s coming up next…

Over the years, I’ve collected – or should I say, inherited – an unwieldy assemblage of boxes – boxes of old books, recipes and manuscripts. I will curate and describe – and cook – a selection of some lesser-known and intriguing recipes. An eclectic selection of classic dishes, rarely seen elsewhere.


Thaifoodmaster recognizes and fulfills an unmet need

This has been a terrific year for the fifteen-year-old Thaifoodmaster project! Two years ago, we re-launched Thaifoodmaster as a membership-based site. Since then, we have added hundreds of pages, including a collection of highly regarded professional guides, that simplify the understanding of topics ranging from Thai curries, Siamese salads and relishes, approaching the art of old-fashioned Siamese menu design, and much more.  

It is more than nice; it is meaningful. And we’re not done yet. The project continues to grow organically and fluidly as we work.

We recognize that the diverse and rich Thai food culture, a culture shaped by the ingenuity and creativity of the Thai people, is at risk of being presented as narrow and plain; while the skills of Thai chefs are at risk of becoming merely a reprise of the commercial. We believe that preserving the Siamese culinary heritage necessitates a purely educational space that embraces a multidisciplinary, holistic and analytical approach: Thaifoodmaster is the first website of its kind to answer that need.

Our mission is to promote the understanding, preservation and dissemination of Thailand’s rich culinary heritage worldwide. Furthermore, we are dedicated to supporting the knowledge, skills and creativity of all Siamese food creators, whether professionals or enthusiasts.

Thaifoodmaster is committed to presenting topics on three key tracks: concepts, skills, and culture. Offerings in the concepts track help chefs tap more effectively into their creativity by inspiring and energizing with compelling ideas for nourishing the creative center. Offerings in the technical track are designed to enhance skills at all levels. Offerings in the cultural track explore the heritage of Thai cuisine, the history of the land and its people, offering insight into cooking Thai dishes in a context that makes sense stylistically and taste-wise.

We strive to maintain the high standards of our services for the benefit of our members. Thaifoodmaster will continue to educate, inspire and expand our rich collection of recipes, articles, research and reference materials covering virtually every aspect of Thai cuisine – exploring topics and concepts and providing tools that are not available anywhere else.

I take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of Thaifoodmaster as we move together into the future. I truly appreciate you being here, and allowing us to guide you along this journey into the marvelous world of Thai cuisine.

Three Trees

In person workshops at Three Trees Doi Saket

At Three Trees Doi Saket we have created an environment where Thai food enthusiasts can thoroughly immerse themselves; where nearly all the ingredients can be obtained from around the home – as was common in Siam for so many centuries..

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It is truly brilliant with a revolutionary approach introducing aspects and concepts never broached by cookbooks.
Ian Westcott
Ian Westcott
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