Introduction to Culinary Codes – Understanding Deliciousness

By: Hanuman
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Introduction to Culinary Codes - Understanding Deliciousness

Traditional Siamese cuisine can be challenging to decipher: the culinary codes are complex and ingenious, as well as resourceful. It uses a creative set of flavor layering tools that strengthen the flavor and amplify the umami through chemical synergy without neglecting the dishes’ aroma, color, and texture.

Culinary codes put a dish into context; very much like our own DNA, these codes testify to its origins, revealing foreign and regional influences and, at the same time, expand our creative toolbox and guide us through the process of decision making and cooking. This article describes basic elements for the flavor understanding and introduces an alternative lexicon to the standard – and often meaningless – food-related jargon. My goal is to set up a communication tool to describe my culinary decisions as I examine and demonstrate recipes throughout the program.