Modern Thai Cusine

Today I will show you a unique, virtually instant dish to prepare. It is also a remarkable example of how Thai traditional cuisine is using local and natural ingredient in simple yet sophisticated way.

Sa Noh - aka Sesbania Javanica Miq. or Sesbania Pea is a tropical shrub which grows widely in the swampy areas of Thailand. The beautiful clusters of flaming yellow flowers decorate the waterways and canals during the hot humid summers and wet rainy seasons.

Our ancestors, the early humans, had to base their food selection only on their senses. Sweet was energy, umami indicated the presence of proteins and saltiness was the sign for the much needed minerals. Generally, they avoided sour taste because it represented rotten or spoiled food, and bitter was the taste tonics and remedies were made of, and yes, it is now confirmed that bitter gourds are good for you.

Here is a quick, tasty dish that allows me to be genuinely emotional: from the tears I shed each time I chop the mountain of shallots…to my delighted grin when I behold the beautiful, deep amber color flaunted by the chicken after less than 15 minutes of preparation - a hue that one might expect to see only in a gourmet magazine photo…