c1929 Green Curry of the Sultan (แกงเขียวหวานสุลต่าน อ่ยาง หะยี ฮิบรอเฮม และ จีบ บุนนาค พ.ศ. 2472 ; gaaeng khiaao waan soola dtaan)

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green cury of the sultan
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Inspired by recipes from Hayee Ibrahim (c1929) and Jeeb Bunnag (c1933) – A green curry of stewed beef, okra, deep-fried potatoes, egg yolks, almonds, and raisins baked-smoked with butter and fennel seeds over charcoals…This rare and fascinating recipe for green curry appeared just three years after the first-ever written recipe for green curry appeared in Siamese culinary manuscripts in 1926, suggesting that green curries are Muslim in origin.