How to prepare dried fish scales (เกล็ดปลาแห้ง ; glet bplaa haaeng)

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Fish scales are mainly composed of calcium carbonate, bone-like hydroxyapatite, and collagen. When collected, washed, and dried, they can be stored indefinitely. They can be used fried as a crunchy element for fish laap dishes or as a new crispy ingredient in your creative cooking.

fish scales
How to prepare dried fish scales วิธีการเตรียมเกล็ดปลาแห้ง
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Prep Time 5 days


  • fish scales (เกล็ดปลา)
  • 5% white vinegar (น้ําส้มสายชู)


  • Collect the fish scales from one type of fish. For example, freshwater tilapia or saltwater snapper fish are good sources. Do not mix scales from different fish species.
  • Rinse under running water.
  • Soak the scales in 5% white vinegar for 2-3 days, which will help acid cook any tissue that remains attached to the scales.
  • After soaking in vinegar, wash the scales thoroughly, ensuring that all organic material has been completely removed.
  • Allow to dry completely before storing.

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