Pad Thai Noodles (ผัดไทยกุ้ง ; pad thai goong)

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By: Hanuman

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Pat Thai Noodles (ผัดไทยกุ้ง ; pat thai goong)

In this video you will learn how to prepare an excellent Pad Thai noodles (ผัดไทยกุ้ง)

Pad Thai is being sold all over the kingdom of Thailand and abroad. Variations to this dish are probably as many as the restaurants and food stalls that sell it. Here is a luxurious, well balanced and tasty version of this all time favorite, the famous Pad Thai Noodles.

The tastes here are sweet, sour, salty and spicy in that order, with an edge of freshly squeezed lime just before eating.

Absolutely delicious!