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Simple dishes are sometimes more of a challenge to master. Fried rice falls into this category. In many cases leftovers are used to prepare it. There is nothing wrong with that. Fried rice can be an elegant dish with fresh ingredients and careful preparation as is presented in this video or as a fast solution to what leftover you have in the fridge. In any case, the result fried rice should be a Proud Dish! Each and every one of the rice grains should have its self esteem intact and infused with flavors.

The Perfect Crab Fried Rice (ข้าวผัดปู ; khaao phat bpuu)

If your fried rice tend to come out mushy and oily, or if you have hard time to get a balanced taste, this video tutorial is for you!

I will show you here in a very simple way how to fry the prefect fried rice. I will show you how to bring together the flavors to each rice grain without massacring or drowning them in oil.

For this video, I have chosen to present from the uncountable fried rice recipes my version of elegant, fried rice with crabs. A gourmet version that compliment the crab sweetness and is not at all that hard to prepare.

I am using fresh home steamed crabs, fragrant long grain Thai Jasmine rice and organic eggs. The seasonings are minimal — only light soy sauce and yellow bean paste, a pinch of sugar, salt and white pepper. I am taking great care not overpower the fresh delicate sweetness of the crabs with aggressive seasoning. To further enrich the crabs flavor and giving it a silky texture, I am using a bit of unsalted butter to scramble the eggs before adding it to the rice. You may notice that I am gently scrambling the eggs, keeping in threads both the yellow color of the yolks and the egg whites colors to compliment the overall dish texture and presentation.

Classically Crab fried rice is served with a wedge of lime, and garnished with spring onion, coriander and the crabs claws.

I personally find fried crab rice to compliment green chili relish,  Shrimps fried in basil or white snapper fish meat salad.

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