Djenkol beans – (ลูกเนียง ; luuk niiang)

Djenkol beans - (ลูกเนียง ; luuk niiang)

Archidendron pauciflorum

Thai food recipes with Djenkol beans – (ลูกเนียง ; luuk niiang)

แกงไตปลาปลาดุกย่างโบราณ – Fermented fish innards curry is a dense curry made of fermented fish innards is dark coffee-brown in color – a salty, fiery hot dish, it grips the palate in an intense umami embrace. As the flagship dish in the repertoire of spicy southern Thai cuisine, it comes in different versions: some are water based; some have a base of coconut cream. But whatever the style, it is a fiercely hot dish that features both dried and fresh chilies.

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