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Blessed are the Thais for their unique attention for details. They do no spare efforts in creating intricate work of arts and their cuisine harmonizes flavors of robust ingredients in ingenious recipes.

However, there will be days that even the Thais would crave for an easy, simple, cheap and tasty meal – a laid back, quick and down-to-earth menu – The Omelette, Usually served over rice, with Chili & Lime Fish Sauce (phrik naam bplaa) or as a side dish for a multi course meal.

Great Thai omelette must have crisp borders and soft center. Endless tips and tricks were born in the search for a foolproof method of making the perfect Thai Omelette. Some will secretly add lime juice or baking powder, a drop of water or even frying the egg whites separately.

I join today the rest of the kitchen alchemists with yet another Omelette recipe to let go once and for all of the flaccid, soggy and oil soaked omelettes that are served unjustified as “Thai Omelette”

Crispy Basic Thai Omelette Recipe

Tools & Ingredients

  1. 16 cm (6″) diameter saucepan (forget the wok!)
  2. 3/4 cups Palm oil (to fill the saucepan with about 1cm (1/2″) deep)
  3. 3 Large eggs
  4. 3 tsp Light soy sauce


  1. Heat the oil in saucepan until the oil is screaming hot and start to smoke lightly.
  2. Using a wire whip beat the eggs and the soy sauce until bubbles forms on the surface.
  3. Immediately drizzle the eggs to the oil, do it slowly, allow the eggs a chance to rise. As the eggs puffed up, Move around the saucepan and try to drizzle the eggs directly to the oil.
  4. Lower the heat to medium-low; cook until the bottom is almost done and the top is almost dry.
  5. Turn the Omelette using a spatula; make sure that the spatula holds at least half of the omelette weight before flipping it over. Use a fork to stable the process. Be careful!! there is a lot of very hot oil in there!!
  6. When the bottom gets a nice color (peep & check) -turn the Omelette for a second time and fry for couple of more seconds. That is done in order to bring the better looking side up.
  7. Place a splatter screen over a bowl and pour the oil and omelette, to drain excess oil.
  8. Serve with Chili & Lime Fish Sauce (phrik naam bplaa)
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